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Porthleven 2nds vs Newquay 17/4/10 Photos

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Full set HERE




All photographs which appear above and in the link are the exclusive property of SAR1N and are protected under international copyright laws. Copyright © SAR1N 2009-2010 All rights reserved.

THEY ARE NOT TO BE COPIED, DISTRIBUITED, REPRODUCED, EDITED, TRANSMITTED, UPLOADED or PUBLISHED for / or in any media, electronic or otherwise without the express consent of the owner.

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errr great?

Any reason for the sarky attitude?

Why post a pointless post like this after someone has taken the time to share their pictures of a game thinking that some of the players might like to see them?

errm, no particualar reason just felt like posting that, thats all. first thing that came to mind.. bit harsh i quess :SM_carton:

playing porthleven tomorrow so can match up the faces ;)

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