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On Tuesday (13th april), St Columb Major who I am manager and captain of, played a quarter final supplemantary cup game against Camelford, at Camelford. I would just like to say the final score was 3-0 which flattered the home side a lot, 0-0 at half time, 1 of the St Columb lads got himself sent off, which after speaking to the ref was the correct decision, but that was the ONLY right call he made, the camelford 1st goal was a yard offside, linesman who was in line flagged for offside and the ref was 25 yards away in the middle of the pitch over ruled him! even their striker admitted he was offside, the ref booked another 2 st columb players, one of them myself, and when i asked the ref why he booked me he couldnt give a definitive reason! I assure you that this isnt sour grapes, coz im proud of the team battling hard but really hard when against 12 when you only have 10 players! At the coin toss, the ref said that he was an approachable ref and that he thinks the respect the ref campaign isnt working etc etc, well i can honestly say i can see why it doesnt work when you have muppets like him ruining, sorry running, games! He was on 1st name terms with EVERY camelford player, when we arrived i actually thought he was one of their players, and after the game he was kicking the ball around with their goal keeper! is that acceptable behaviour for a ref in a cup game? i dont think it is. yeah we need refs to play football, but surely for 90mins or so they can remain inpartial, obviously this guy cant, and as i would love to name him, i wont, i will just say apparently hes a south west peninsula league ref, he looks about 14. says it all

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