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Cornwall Senior Cup question?

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Does the answer go back to the very early days of the cup.

During the first 15 years of the Cornwall Senior Cup from 1893-1908 Penzance were in 9 finals winning 6.

Could some one have played for Penzance then moved on to another winning team?

Was there another winning team pre-war with such a record?

Why must the answer be a modern player?

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I reckon me and George have lost the most Dave!!! 5 each i think!!! Would definately go for

Gozzy for winners medals with Sage not far behind,6 or 7 at least!! Remember it took Trev 12 los

sing fi

nals before we won the swl cup v Blazey at Truro 1-0 in 1990? he did ok after that!!!!! :clapper:

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Why must the answer be a modern player?

Doesn't have to be. The question relates to the whole history of the competition. However, sadly it might just be more difficult to find out about the earlier seasons!


Are we on the right road or are we very cold??? :wacko:

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I know the Falmouth Town central defence pairing of Keith Manley(1970-83) and Mervyn Rich(1969-81) won eight consecutive League Championship medals 1970-78.

Probably applies to Player/Manager Richard Gray(1961-78) also

Falmouth winners of Cornwall Senior Cup 1962,1965,1966,1968,1971,1974,1976,1977,1978,1979.

Keith Manley and Mervyn Rich 6 winners medals.

Richard Gray was associated with the club for the 10 Cup wins.

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