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Steve Massey is an excellent call by BAFC.

Buckland are very forward thinking, from the side that started life as a junior team, on the sidewards sloping, council owned, Sandringham Park on the Buckland Estate in Newton Abbot, to having the best facilities in the current SWPL.

And not forgetting of course that we have a fully pledged football league club just 5 miles along from Homers Heath,something that is woefully missing from the county of Cornwall.

I would like nothing better than to see my home town club over the next ten years or so, be playing local derby's against them.

And with such a great forward thinking committee at the Heath , believe you me its a huge possibility.

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Sorry to those that have had their posts deleted - however, can I just remind you that we need to keep postings to football related and not venture into personal issues that if truth be known, we probably don't know too much about in any case! :ninja:

Well executed Mr Deacon, no place on this website for unwarranted personal comments, though dissapointed at my own posting being deleted, being cited as needing to be "Football Related", included in my posting were the words "massey", "Cornwall", "Falmouth Town" all could be construed as being synonymous to your very own citing!!

Good luck Mr Massey in your new venture, and believe it or not Hammers i am a devout Falmouth fan.

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Baily I am delighted that you are a Falmouth suporter, all the more reason that if you know me, your comments were well out of order,

Hammers, :c::huh::c:

PS I am quite happy to accept Dave Deacons commemts & I can assure him that,if I did say anything that was upsetting to the main person to whom I was refering, I am Sorry,

Hammers :c: :c:

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