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Sunday 28th February, Fixtures and results

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Guest feasey1

Threemilestone v Tremough called off due to waterlogged pitch

Very dissapointed with the other manager as he didnt seem very intrested in the game being played. Had a phone call from dracena to say that one pitch could be played (although very soft). Too late to call around other teams so looked like a good idea to move our game to there, however the other manager claims to have txt his players and didnt seem like he wanted it played...we are so far behind now and with the easter break its going to be near on impossible for us to complete these fixtures.

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GoalFest at Treswithian

Storm 3 Shortlanesend 8

Storm started the game (rather late, due to a mix up with the ref) with 9 sound and two struggling players.

They rapidly went 3-0 down as the two injured players gave up the unequal struggle to reduce them to 9, then back to 10 as a fresh player arrived.

4- 0 half time.

4 - 1 route 1 goal from Grasso from the keeper's kick.


5 -2 Marcus Grasso all by himself in the penalty area, forced wide and then tripped. Penalty 5-2.


7 -2 Great goal from Shortlanesend

7 -3 Direct free kick swung in - nobody touched it as it slotted in.

8-3 one- on - one - stand-in keeper parried it but left it for an easy conversion.

Booters 2 Gloweth 0 Reffed at short notice by Mike Carter when the appointed ref failed to show.

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Booters 2-0 Gloweth

no show from the referee!! so both teams decided to ref half each! thankfully porky came to watch and took over about 10 mins in.

on to the game, gloweth started off the better of the two teams dominating the game chris bolitho pulled off 4 good saves about half and hour in booters finally started to get in to the game with kevin endean missing a one on one, hit the bar with and header and missed kicked a tap in, gloweth were threatening to score but the booters defence kept it to 0-0 at half time against the wind!

second half both teams started to get hold of the ball and play some good football gloweth had another good header tipped over by bolitho again!! with about fifteen mins left booters centre forward james chillman finally gt past the gloweth centre half and the cross went into the net!! gloweth came forward looking for a goal but the booters defence held on and with 7 mins to booters hit gloweth on counter attack with chillman again getting past defender and slotting in bottom corner 2-0!! gloweth kept coming forward but booters managed to hold on to win the game.

game played in good spirit well refereed by mike carter

on reflexion we felt the draw was prob best result though gloweth prob think different.

booters mom Chris Bolitho

gloweth mom big centre half sorry dont no ur name

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Penzance Astro Park 0 Culdrose Star 2

This division two match was switched to Culdrose due to the Leisure Centre pitch being waterlogged.It was a good game which swung from end to end and Culdrose's ability to put the ball into the net shaded it.

Both of the goals came in the first half when Culdrose had the wind behind them.Penzance missed a penalty in the first half and hit the woodwork in the second period.

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