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Hard As Nails West Ham Fans (This Is Funny)

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Guest syndony

Most of the time it is a nightmare supporting Derby County but all the depression and low points make instances like watching us win at Wembley seem even better.

What does it really mean to a plastic ManUre fan to win an FA cup or a league title? They haven't suffered for it and when it comes they have to share it with millions of strangers from all over the world.

Our moments of glory are earned by suffering yet another boxing day defeat in -5 degrees or yet another chairman doing a disapearing act with our gate reciepts but when these moments come they are all the more glorious for it and they are ours.

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Hodges21, Your spot on there fella and having just spoken to a friend of mine in London he has confirmed that they are in fact SPUDS fans and it was filmed at the Beehive Pub in Tottenham (Coopsie will know it well i should imagine) :drink:

God only knows why it was put on you tube as West Ham Fans?

One bonus though is that it means the SPUDS fans are soppy as feck :lol:

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