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I'm sure the league have agreed to this and I'm not stirring things up, the more players that play the better for all, but as a new guy to the scene, how can CSM choose when their league starts and where they have gaps?

I'm sure the answer is down to them being a uni side with players away at the start of the season and going home for xmas etc.

We (West Cornwall) are in the same boat, many of our players are students as that is who the club is for, but we started the season on time and play all our fixture according to the fixture list.

We lost the first three games as we had a patchwork team, I wouldn't have re-arranged these games because we didn't have our strongest team, a league shouldn't work like that. We also lost a couple games over xmas as some players went home for the holidays.

I'm really not bothered about losing the games, who's to say we would have won them with the other players, my point is the league should not make any exceptions, if you wanna be in the league, play to the league format.

I'm sure we'd all love to be able to bin a game if some players are missing or start the league season when we have a fully fit team.

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First off dont really understand what your point is but oh well I will try and explain a few things for you.

We are a university team and therefore we can only play when we are in the county. Our term starts at the beginning of October and we play matches from then till the end of the season with the exceptions of periods such as Xmas and Easter where we have to go home. From what I understand you are linked to the college so the differences in the availability of players is huge. Your players will more than likely be local to Cornwall so should be able to start the season earlier than us. If however some your players have moved onto Uni surely not all have you will still have players based in Cornwall. For us this is not the case as we travel from all over the country to study in Cornwall and are not in the county when we the season does start in August. We are physically unable to start in August as we would have only 2 players in the county as they happen to live and study here.

The argument that we rearrange games as we do not have our strongest team out is just laughable. If we are fixtured to play outside our term time we do our best to field a team, which on several occasions over the past 2 half years I have played for the team we have done so. Even if that meant we had 10 players and took a hammering we did this. Some players even decided to put there own health at risk to get back for a game in the first week of January so we could scrape together 11 men on the pitch, although this game was called off due to the dangerous conditions.

We do our best every year to fulfill our fixtures and to my knowledge we have completed all games for the past 2 or 3 seasons. Every team in the Mining league has the same finish date which we adhere to, and when we are playing 13 odd games in 20 days we get on with it to fulfill our fixtures which is our duty as part of the league. We do not get any extensions to get our games in but we do even though other teams have 2/3months longer to complete them then we do. That is if we take into account the times we are unable to play.

I notice there is no similar post criticising either of the two Tremough FC teams who play in the West Cornwall Sunday League who are in exactly the same boat as us. They do not start there season on time and have the same amount of breaks as we do. We do play more games than them but as long as all games are played to the deadline set by the league what is the problem?

Unfortunately this year the weather has hit us hard and we have only completed 8 league games so far. However that is only 4 less than St Just who started the season at the same time as you did. But by the end of the season we will have completed our fixtures just like you will.

As I said at the beginning I do not really understand your point and this post only seems to be stirring up trouble which is not needed. I take great offence at being accused of binning a game as we dont have a fully fit squad as this is simply not the case. There is a massive difference between us as a University team and you as a College team so this whole post seems very pointless but I believe CSM FC deserved to be defended hence this post.

Look forward to playing you later in the season and apologies for the slightly long reply.

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I am not criticising you as a team, my point is that in my opinion a league should not work like that, this is my first year in the league so previous experience or knowledge of the league is not in my favour.

No matter how you look at it a team working in this way must gain an advantage in having the fixtures done this way, I am aware games are played some saturdays and Sundays back to back but so do a lot of players with Sunday football, some teams in our league though may find it difficult to raise a full side on a Sunday, over xmas when the pitches are dodgy Saturdays are missed and then there is a need to play additional mid week games where other teams may again struggle to field a full strength side with work commitments etc.

Again I am not criticising you as a team I am pointing out that in my opinion (as I was not at the league meeting if/when this was discussed) the rules should be the same for everyone.

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It's been like that since the Dead Sea started feeling ill. At least it was when I started playing Mining football over 30 years ago.

And, it has to be, otherwise CSM would be lost to the league.

They are a University side. There just isn't anybody there outside term-time. The leagues have a simple choice, they can either try to accommodate them or not accept them into the League.

I feel certain that CSM and (in the the Sunday League) the two Tremough sides contribute much more than they take away. The Leagues would be poorer without them and so, in the Sunday League, and, it appears, in Mining, we do all we can to fit them in. When I did the fixtures for the Sunday League, I gave Tremough their "off" weeks at the beginning of the season and in the Christmas holidays -rather than spacing them out evenly as with the other clubs.

Bottom line is they will have to sort out getting their fixtures played. I don't think for a minute that they would dream of using their "special case" status to engineer results. They have enough problems fitting in the matches.

Cornwall College is slightly different. Although it has University status for some courses, the vast majority of students still live locally. If it does become a real problem, then the answer is to make your case with the League. I'm sure that they would be sympathetic.

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