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Step six is level six! Western League Premier is Step (or level) five and have ground grading criteria which would require most - but not all - Step 6 Clubs to make some improvements. I think Guiness was suggesting that only 4 Clubs currently playing in the Peninsula League Premier Division (Step 6) have completed all the work necessary to comply with the criteria for playing the League they are currently in!

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Who in the Premier league wants to go up anyway certainly not Bodmin as its been proved.

St Blazey ambitious managers but no help at all from the commitee to generate more funds to go up.

Buckland not sure.........

Falmouth Possible.

Saltash tried it before and that didnt go well.

Its all down to finances if anyone wants to go up then something needs to change because clubs cant be happy just in the same league all the time. Clubs become stagnated and lose support It would be great to see a prem club move through the leagues but has anyone got the balls to or are all clubs happy at level 6.

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