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The Kop, The Shed or.......Windmill End

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After years of only being able to descibe adequately 1 end of our St Clare pitch as the "Town End", Gulval finally get to call the other end "The Windmill End". :smiley20:

The windmill is a very recent addition to the towns skyline and along with the many changes whilst building the new college facilities it provides something for the town end keeper to watch when not involved!

Unfortunately the view of St Michaels Mount from the now named Windmill End has been replaced with a particulary vile school building. :SM_carton:

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We call ours "The Far end" and "This end".

The first is the farthest away from the changing rooms the other end is, well, the other end - which is nearest to the changing rooms.

*Note for the pedants, the "Far end" has been called "the bottom end" at times as it is down the slope, or even the "playground end" as there is a children's playground there.

At Nancegollan we use many facets of this wonderful Language - often as many as 10 of 250,000 available words.

On reflection, I realise that sometimes, when we're down the far end, like putting up nets, amazingly, the names switch. That becomes "This end" and we'd refer to "This end" as the "far end". It is confusing.

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If you know the guy well then you will understand that it wasn't just his footballing ability but also his somewhat bizarre sense of humour that made him the legend he is at P6.

6-a-side is a different beast to 11-a-side and Wort without doubt is the best 6-a-side player we have seen at P6 and that includes a couple of pro's, ex-pro's and semi pro's.

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