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I understand some of you are having difficulty in entering the OFFICIAL ECPL WEB SITE.

If you go to


And then click on the football.mitoo sign at the bottom right of the page this will take you straight into the OFFICIAL ECPL WEB SITE. (Or any other web site in the region for that matter). You then click on any season you want to look at from the seasons shown in the box.

Once in you can check out whatever information you want, whether it is about postponements, results, fixtures, league tables, and cup fixtures and results. It will even tell you who the referee is.

You can even enter UNSCHEDULED MATCHES. This tells you which matches have yet to be arranged.

If you want to see your teams home and away history for the season or any other club just click on LEAGUE TABLES, then click on a club and you will see the complete history of that club on the league this season.

Click on FIXTURES & RESULTS and this will give you the information for the current month for both league and cup matches.

If you want to look at RESULTS or FIXTURES for any particular month then just click on the month you want to see, after clicking on to the particular competition you want to look at from the list above the months shown.

If you want up to date news then look at the centre of the page and you will see NEWS. Click on that and it will show recent information about the league cup and current applications for acceptance into next season etc.

If you are looking for Club details then click on DOWNLOAD and this will give you the complete information database of the 2009/10 member clubs. If you think some of the details are incorrect then just post the changes on Cornish Soccer or PM me. You can also see the complete Cornwall FA Referees list.

Once into the web site you can also click on FIXTURES & RESULTS GRID.

EXPANDED LEAGUE TABLE (showing the home and away stats for the season).

Even a FORM TABLE for the current month

The OFFICIAL ECPL WEB SITE is managed by the ECPL. And it hasn’t cost the league a single penny. All we have to do is manage the web site with updated information which anyone can use.

I trust this will be of use to all users of the OFFICIAL ECPL web site. There is some features not used but will hopefully be included in the future.

I hope this helps.

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The rerason I came on because some people asked me to explain all about the OFFICIAL ECPL WEB SITE. This I have done. I hope it is of use especially for clubs such as yours. Don't worry I do not intend to make a habit of it

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I don't know where you are looking but Adrian Warburton is stated as the Bude Town manager. Check out my initial posting and you will see that under Bude Town - Adrian Warburton is the Bude manager.

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You will have to help me on this one. Once into the web site click on Home (top right hand corner) then click on donwload (bottom centre left). Click on Club Directory 2009-2010. There you will find all the clubs in division and alphabetical order. Under Bude Town it says manager Adrian Warburton. It has never changed. So where are you looking? If something is wrong I will get it removed.

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