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hello :) My names nathan taylor and i play on the wing for st.day combination team. And i have had a few texts or whatever saying that i have been winding up the portreath manage ( sory i dont no your name) saying that me and a few boys form st.day are going to go and play for portreath. I can truly say i havent said anything of the sort and dont no where this came from and would like to apologise to the manager if any grief or confusion was caused. If i was going to move to another club the first person i would tell would be my manage anyway and once again can truly say that i dont no where these rumours come from ok many thanks nathan:) :drink:

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that fine bundi but i really dont no where all of it came from.. Mr nuciforo mentioned something about it on saturday night at the clubs re-union and i was shocked at the fact my name was mentioned as i have no contact to you or any other portreath player for that matter. if i wanted to join u i wud come straight to u as a honest player! good luck for the season buddy

And me and andy dyer were at illogan for a quick drink because our friend was getting changed at his houuse so we went in for a swift one and was speaking to a few mates that played for illogan no harm in that is there??

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Guest Bundiwilliams

you dont have to explain yourself nathan, its cool mate.

just a sick wind up by member----- LIVING THE DREAM!!!!!

who wouldnt sniff around illogan, great set up there!!!!!

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