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3G Pitches in Cornwall

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Theres Newquay Tretherras which is fantastic, as is the one at the college in Camborne. Falmouth youth teams play on one at Penryn college (I think it is), again a great pitch but too many of those little rubber things on it that protect the pitch IMO.

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Callington College

Newquay Tretherras School

Truro College

Cornwall College (Camborne)

Penryn College


All these have Third Generation Astros (3G). They have a longer pile on the carpet and are truer to the real grass pitches in terms of bounce etc than previous astros that are mainly suitable for hockey.

Ours here at Newquay Tretherras has been built with an extra shock pad under the surface so it's not so hard when you fall, and has recently been re-marked and serviced. The "little rubber things" are the rubber crumb which deadens the bounce of the ball so that it's more realistic.

They are designed to be used with a moulded stud which gives more grip when running/turning and the studs actually prevent the crumb from becoming compacted.

I guess there will never be an adequate substitute for the real thing but it is damn good, that's why all the top pro clubs have an indoor one as part of their training/academy set up.

I wouldn't like to say for certain but I think ours was was made by the same company that laid the one in Moscow that England's ill-fated match was played on in the McLaren era.

Until you've played on one you'll never really know how good it is. I know it's not grass and there will be plenty who won't like them, but ours is in use all the time and if we had another one built next to it we could fill that one too.

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