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I always make sure the P6FC squad try and maintain their discipline and so far this season we have amassed just 2 bookings in 11 games (both vs St Minver away in a 6-0 win).

This isn't bragging as that is just a result of the way I want the team to play. Are there any other teams with similar or better discipline records in the Duchy league so far this season.

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sometimes P6, referees are only too happy to dish cards out for the simpliest of things...so i wish that your record stays in tact and clearly you have had some very decent refs.

Before anyone jumps on me like a tonne of bricks we have had at the start of the season some shocking refs but of late (and i have mentioned them on here) we have had some very good,honest and sensible refs who like us want to play the game in the spirit it should be played.

So players behave themselves but unfortunately you have an over zealous ref and bang goes your discipline record.

Putting that to one side i commend you and your team for the outstanding record so far, long may it continue!!

See you saturday

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unfortunately some refs love to be the centre of attention, and sometimes booking or sending off players gives them thier fix!!!! the best ones are always the ones we(players) dont notice throughout the game.

Some refs dont realise this tho, not slagging off refs, cos we all appreciate what they do, and there are lots of very good ones

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