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Do Red / Yellow cards stand if the game is abandoned

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gillo10, please stop and think when the cards were shown the game was being played under the Laws of the Game, so of course they stand. Now imagine this scenario, a losing team in an important match have 2 players sent off the team then decide to get the game abandoned by having another 3 get sent off, the game now has to be abandoned. So are you saying those red cards do not count and the game replayed with the slate wiped clean.

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I see what you are saying Mr Manning and maybe didnt think about the bigger picture before writing, Im a cynical bugger! Though I still stick by my point, why should offences made during the game stand but goals not count? This could be the difference between someone finishing top of cornish teddy boys goal scoring charts!!

And judging by the CCFA recent track record the 5 players would only get a ticking off anyway!!

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Strange one this........

Barnsley were winning 4-1 at Plymouth when the game was abandoned Result doesn't stand......

Barnsley player got a yellow card for protesting after the abandonment booking stands

Barnsley player had this game as his last of his 3 match ban, now told it won't count and he misses next game.......

B.Manning I know what the rules say but surely it's common sense to just null and void the whole proceedings ?

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As from next season..all Step 7 Leagues will count suspensions as Matches and not days. Our League (CMFL) are a trail league for the FA this season, a few clubs have already been caught out. Here's a example.

If you have a team in say the SWPL and your reserves in the Cornish Combination..the SWPL suspensions will be in Matches, the cornish Comb in days. So say you get sent off for a SWPL team..14 days after you get a automatic ban, regardless of if your club gets the paperwork from the FA or not, the onus is on the clubs. now that ban counts until your 1st team pays their first fixture..a few clubs have been caught out thinking they can play the player in the Reserves because the reserves have a midweek fixture we will say, you cant do that as you are banned from all football until the ban is completed. Now Abandoned games, the bookings and sendings off count, but say you are on a 2 match suspension and you have served one match and then the next match is abandoned, you still have to sit out the next match, as the abndoned match doesnt count towards your current suspension. I'll be honest, you can have say a step 7 side play a cup match say against a team from lower levels, 2 players have a handbags..both get sent off..the Step 7 player will get 3 matches ban, the other lower league player will get 35 days..now we all know you can get rid of 3 matches in a week..saturday...tuesday..saturday..the player has to wait 5 weeks..something that the FA needs to look at there!

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