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Structure of the Peninsula League

Guest Gary Andrews

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Guest Gary Andrews

I have been following from a-far the new league structure since it was formed, I think the league overall has been a success, but feel that it could be made that even more exciting,

Now I’m just chucking ideas around, at present only clubs who win the league go up, from east or west, how about introducing a play-off system.

2nd from the west plays 3rd from the east and vice versa, then the winners’ of each leg play in a final and winner gets promoted , which mean 3 teams get relegated from the premier and 3 teams go up ,

There obviously some rules that will need to be bought in for this to be implemented such as,

Promotion is not an option, if you finish in promotion spot you go up,

And clearly the west division is light on teams at the moment so maybe they would need to get back up to full capacity first

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