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Liverpool vs Man Citeh


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i turned it off after the 1st half and miss 4 goals!! lol

to be honest coopsie i dont think it will be citeh who take 4th spot

my gut feeling is villa-the question is will they buckle under the pressure like last season??

or my worst nightmare--s**** come in on the sly!!! lol

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my weekend just got worse!!

arsenal's poor display-you get what you deserve!!!!

painful watching it!!!

Isn't football wonderful :) .. Darren Bent returns to White Hart Lane and purposely misses a penalty to ensure his old mates get maximum points to stay in touch with Arse-anal. Then a couple of weeks later, he faces Arse-anal and makes sure he gets the winner against his old French enemies :clapper:

And you were all wondering why Spurs paid £16million for him ;):c:



so much for villa :blink::wacko::o

Were you REALLY surprised by their result though?. GOT TO BE, alongside Liverpool, one of the most frustrating teams to support?.

COULD turn out to be a VERY good Saturday for Spurs, assuming we don't roll over and get battered off the pitch by Wigan today, which has so often happened against the more physical teams in the past..

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