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Guest Gary Andrews

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Guest Gary Andrews

Hi all .

I am a former player now supporter of cornish football, I have been living and working in the south of spain for 10 years. Keep an eye on results and the changes that have gone from afar. Now im back i thought i would get involved on here a little more than just reading.

Im hoping there arnt to many games cancelled thsi week as i am planning on catching my first match for a long time ( not sure which one yet though )

Over the summer i saw lots of topics asking who the best young defenders/midfielders/strikers where, now i see a topic asking about the best young up and coming goalkeepers

but what i want to know is who is the best young up and coming managers in the swpl

also suggestions on which games are going to provivde me with the most entertainment this weekend and that will be on !

many thanks


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