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Ex Newquay Footballer Dave Johns Dies

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Just read in todays newquay voice of dave johns who played football for newquay who has died after a trgic accident at his work place where he was a welder he was under a car when the jack gave way dave was a lovely bloke and has been welding up my old bangers for years and also my lawn mowers he was so down to earth and used to talk to me of the good times he had playing for newquay fc and also the bad times as well .Dave was due to retire in 2 months and take his wife to the carribean it doesnt seem nice people like him brian biggin and so many others die when you got so many nasty people left alive ,and like a story about this 12 week old puppy who was kicked to death by these scum youngsters up country .Anyway its a great loss to the town that dave has died i will miss seeing his smiling face when i used to bring my mowerto have more bits welded hope there will be a minutes silence at the next newquay match and maybe a memorial match for him and brian.

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100% Cornish, I agree it is a real shame that players and supporters of Newquay Football Club have sadly passed on recently. We did in fact remember Dave before yesterday's game by holding a minute's silence which was impeccably observed by both teams and supporters alike. I am sure that the Committee has already given some thought to a game or tournament to be held in memory of Brian and no doubt when something more concrete has been organised we will be informed.

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Guest Peppermint

Jimbo is quite correct the Club held a minute's silence in memory of Dave Johns before the Foxhole Stars match. I did not personally know Dave but everyone who were involved with Newquay Football Club during the time this gentleman was playing all stated what a fine man he was and he will be sadly missed by a lot of people and we at Newquay Football Club extend our sincere condolences to his family,

On the matter of Brian Biggin - the great man will never be forgotten by anyone connected with the Club and we all aware what a debt of gratitude we owe him and the Club has one or two ideas in mind to honour the memory of Brian in the near future.

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It is with great sadness that I read of the tragic death of former Newquay player Dave Johns. Dave, a defender, played for the Newquay club in the late sixtees when my late husband Brian Biggin was the Newquay manager. He played in both the South Western League and Cornwall Combination League teams.

Dave was an extremely nice family man, and my last memory of him was when he was welding the railings at the rear of the clubhouse at Mount Wise for the disabled access. He always had a cheerful word and a smile on his face.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to his widow Margaret, his children and grandchild.

It is often said that things happen in threes, and that certainly has been the case at Newquay Football Club over the last few weeks. The death of my late husband Brian, followed by that of another respected player Brian Durkin and now the untimely death of Dave. Let's hope the sequence has been broken.

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Would someone from Newquay Fc please inform me when they are having or looking to have the memorial game for Mr Biggin, He played for St Dennis for a while and Sylvia Bates and Mike Pethick and the rest of our family that were around remember him very well.

Condolences to all at Newquay for the 3 who have recently left us.

John Bates


St Dennis AFC

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