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Buckland v St Blazey result Oct 24th 2009

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Guest Joe Miners

just think that we were gona struggle with the midfield right from first minute without rix higman and slateford. Were unluki with hitting the post twice and woodwork.

Just hope we can beat penzance next wednesday.

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Buckland 3v1 St Blazey.

No complaints with the result. Buckland always looked to have the edge and with St Blazey missing Higman and Slateford (injured), and Rix ( suspended) we lacked the spark going forward. Any side missing that quality would struggle but I thought the way Glynn changed things for the second half gave us a chance but we didnt get that little bit of luck you probably need in a game like that.

Buckland took an early lead after wed looked good in the opening minutes. Back we came with Nancarrow smashing a low drive against the post and that may have been the turning point as we were soon 2-0 down.

Second half seen us make half chances while Buckland always looked dangerous on the break and Tom made some good saves to keep us in it. We needed a goal to get us going but another flicked header had the keeper beat but came back off the post. Another effort than deflected on to the bar before the game was sealed as Buckland broke away and we gave away a penalty. Not a hard decision for the ref to be fair. 3-0 and all over. St Blazey never gave up and scored with a header with minutes to go.

This league really is wide open. Teams can beat each other and I firmly believe there are as many as six sides with a chance for the title right now.

The crowd to day was about 125. Not great really. I expected to see more. I counted 26 from St Blazey which was disapointing but with weddings etc, we had a good 12 not travelling. Weddings should be banned on saturdays!! :unsure: Stood at the back of your stand today. Very nicely constructed.

The program was top quality. Were off to Penzance on wednesday. Theyl have to go some to compete with that. Dan and I even had a mention!! Nice touch. :thumbsup: But with quality like that you really should charge £2. Who could argue with that? Anyone yet to vist Buckland this season must buy one.

After the match a few off us watched out for the final scores and had a burger which was stunning. Decent food at football. Few and far and between sometimes. Well done to the kitchen gang.

Top club, Look forward to our next visit. Hopefully a better result though. St Blazey record against Buckland in the SWPL now reads Won 1, Drawn 1, Lost 1.

GREEN ARMY........ :thumbsup:

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Thought Blazey played very well, some tidy passing and unlucky on a couple of occasions.

Crowd dissapointing but not helped by the local paper stating there was no game at Buckland.

Strange game with Bucks seeming to sit on what they had all game and not push on but that could well have something to do with manager absence. Looking forward to the return fixture should be a cracking game.

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Firstly, re the lowish crowd... this is thanks to the local rag (Herald Express) stating the club were without a game, second time they've done this!

Wasn't expecting to get much out of this game, so was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Thought we had the better of the play throughout, but wasn't a lot of difference overall. And of course, at least Blazey conducted themselves better at the final whistle as opposed to the 'thugs' of Bodmin.

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Where are the Bucks fans????

What were your views on the match?

Paul, Strange game, if we had taken all our good chances could have been 5 or 6.although you had 3 good efforts that hit the woodwork. i thought we sat back to much and didn`t press on for more.

Thought your keeper had a great game and made some great saves,especially the one in the 1st half that he saved with his leg, that was going in,just in side the far post. Lynchy could have got more than 3.

Dissapointing attendance shame that more from Blazey couldn`t make the journey up into Devon.

Also it stated that Buckland did not have a game on Sat in the local paper. (not very good for us)

The ref only made 1 big boob all afternoon that was a backpass from your right full back, the ball bounced over his head and with Gavin Hammon coming in, the keeper picked the ball up. but on the whole i thought the ref had a excellent game, one of the better ones.

Glad to see you like Paul H programme, he puts a lot of hard work into it and deserves all the credit he gets ,when people congratulate him on his programme. 2 years on the trot best programme award, he must be doing something right. Penzance`s programme is the best ive seen this year closly followed by Torpoint.

I will be doing the return fixture in January and hopefully we will get the same result as last year.

I am the one with the Bucks flags Probably be on the far side and have them on the fence behind the dugouts like last year.

Best wishes from a Bucks fan, and make sure you take points off Bodmin and Saltash to keep the title race going into May.

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