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Little People Doing Mewton's Bidding at Penzance "

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Drove from Kettering via Cirencester yesterday to watch the Tinners at Penzance. Till I moved away I missed one game in eleven years. I've always supported the village I come from and I always will. I'd sponsored new wet tops for the team and they were wearing them for the first time, so I guess on the day I was a sponsor. Working away, I really miss the Tinners.. Tends to be an outing for Mum, 86 now, memory not so good, on sticks these days. Since Dad died, she doesn't get out the house much otherwise.

I was amazed we were banned from paying to watch the game. Not a good attitude from a Chartered Standard Club towards disabled spectators, is it ? Whatever my differences with some of the people who have run the club over the years, I've got some good friends among Penzance supporters, most of whom thoiught it was a joke. I saw the game anyway, over the hedge, but Mother was not up to braving the barbed wire and broken glass that surrounds Penlee Park. Hope they've paid their public liability insurance, cos there's a claim about to come in......

Well done to Penzance on the result. We should have won it, but that's football !

John Mead, whom I've always respected, phoned me in the evening. I've never heard him sounding so unsure of himself. Apparently Trevor Mewton had told him that I was to be banned because I had called attention to the fact that, when Trevor came to St Just last year, he blatantly tapped up a young St Just player in front of his parent and told him that if he transferred to Penzance, he would play for Cornwall Youth. Somebody else, earlier in the day, said that the decision had also come from ex-Chairman Neil Badcock.

Apparently my comments on this site that the building trade was suffering in the recession and that the financial underwriting of the club might not be altogether secure if it depended on this source gave great offence. The proposed clubhouse build has been shelved, Mr Badcock has gone and the 80 grand has gone up in smoke. Sorry, did I get my prediction right ?

When asked if the Penzance committee had taken the decision to ban me or if there was any rule in their club constitution to support the action, John became uncharacteristically blustering. Apparently such politicised questions rooted in the British tradition of the rule of law were "none of my business".

According to John, the tapping up was in fact done by Terry Burgess. Knowing Terry, I would have found this surprising. However, I'm aware that Penzance don't quite have the same sort of loyalty to their Combo management teams that St Just tend to show, as this is the week in which poor old Antony Hosking was fired without notice only after he'd washed the kit, on another whim of Trevor Mewton. It sounds as though, after decades of failure on the pitch, that the Magpies are so indebted to the multi-club mercenary in their midst that erstwhile good clubmen have become sycophants.

So in conclusion, I correctly analysed the impact of recession and, as a club loyalist, objected to the characteristic arrogance of Mr Mewton on the ground where I was, at the time, club secretary. Everybody who has been in football for a while will recognise the smug attitude to young players, perfected at St Blazey years ago, breaking every rule of approach, getting away with it because of his connections. And yes, because I have a sense of humour and maybe a bit of a way with language, I probably took the rip out of him as well.

Now, I realise that I'm a bit like Marmite and that I have a bit of a gob on me, but I think even those who would like to kill me would probably agree that I do love watching football, that I've got a far degree of club loyalty and a reasonably active intelligence in working out, within political abd legal frameworks, how to get the best possible deal for those I used to represent, including St Just AFC. It goes without saying, by the way, that I would eschew the kind of childish retaliatory action that bans anybody from Penzance from St Just...we need all the gate money we can get !

I'm kind of busy trying to run two sixth forms in the East Midlands at the moment and we've just had OFSTED. To be honest, I had no time for anything in Cornish football apart from watching the occasional game when down visiting Mother every few weeks. But I must admit that this has really annoyed me, mainly because I cannot stand censorship and banning of any kind. If you disagree with me, and plenty will, that's your right. I will positively fight for your right to disagree with me. Take me to court if you like. Call the police. I was really disappointed that, despite my being threatened with them yesterday, they mysteriously failed to arrive.But the actions this weekend are so symbolic of what is worst in Cornish football. That there are a few people like Mr Mewton who view themselves as so self-important that they are beyond the rules affecting the rest of us. He broke a rule, at St Just, and I pointed it out. So he has banned me from watching my team, at Penzance. I bet as a kid in the park, he always took the ball home if he wasn't allowed to take charge.

What is sad is that decent people like John Mead cannot have the courage to say, "hang on, Trev, that's ridiculous", but instead try (loyally) to justify an absurd overreaction. That lack of courage, unchecked, is what allows fascism to thrive.

Apologies for swearing at the bloke on the gate. I shouldn't have done that. Like the police at Orgreave Colliery, he was "only doing his job".

Thank goodness I'm not home next week. St Just are at Porthleven. Surely Vidal James wouldn't try to ban me too, would he ??

:c::drink::yahoo: :yahoo:

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As is usual with Rodney's postings concerning Penzance AFC, there are many inaccuracies. Despite previous attempts to relate the truth, he remains convinced that his opinions are correct.

Here are a few FACTS which his last posting are at odds with:

1. Rodney's mother was not refused entry to Penlee Park on Saturday. We were not aware she was there.

2. Trevor Mewton was not involved in making the decision to ban Rodney, neither did he even suggest such a ban be imposed. The first he new about it was when I told him last Saturday at about 2.45pm. The ban was proposed by me last March, in frustration at being unable to convince Rodney of the truth.

3. Trevor Mewton did not speak to any St Just players when he went to watch our Reserves play there last season. (Not sure how many times I need to repeat this before Rodney believes me!)

4. The public comments made last season regarding our Club finances were wildly inaccurate, as are the comments relating to Neil Badcock, our proposed developments and the figure quoted above.

5. Anthony Hosking did not wash the kit prior to leaving Penzance; it was not his responsibility to do so, nor has it ever been.

6. Quoting Rodney, relating to comments made on here about Trevor Mewton, "And yes, because I have a sense of humour and maybe a bit of a way with language, I probably took the rip out of him as well." I have to point out that his comments were very personal, suggestive and insulting, resulting in the postings being removed and Rodney receiving a 1 month ban from posting on this forum.

Penzance AFC did not commence the hostilities and have certainly had to endure more that their fair share of unflattering, unnecessary and unpleasant verbal attacks from Rodney over the years. I know that the careful use of vocabulary can often disguise the intended message but there is no doubt in my mind, nor in those of many others I've spoken to across Cornwall (and parts of Devon!), that Rodney must hate Penzance with a vengence; some might feel we have now given him a legitimate reason for doing so.

As far as I'm concerned, I will not be making any further comments on this subject and will try to restrict any future postings to passing on information, rather than my opinions.

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Whether its right, wrong, good or bad to ban Rodders Im not to sure. I do ,however, love the irony that his major gripe is regarding "tapping up" players from other clubs. As if he has never done it in the past. Hell, Id be amazed if there was a manager or club associate in history who has not done it in some way shape or form.

Best of luck both parties! :smiley20:

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Pardon ?

Actually, John, you lot started it when Wadd brought his first team mercenaries to St Just for a Combo game in 1968. I wrote to "The Cornishman" then, aged 9; and have been trying to change player admissibility rules ever since.

"The ban was proposed by me last March" . So are there some committee minutes that prove the legitimacy of the action ? Otherwise, if you are taking personal and in dividual responsibility for this, I thank you for the admission. If not, you may need some counter-evidence because I am about to correspond with:

1) The FA (Charter Standard department),

2) the CCFA

3) JCCL,

4) Cornwall County Council Health and Safety Officer regarding the injuries I suffered when pursued through your ground, in immediate fear of personal violence contrary to section 1 and 4 of the Offences Against the Person Act (1861), when I tripped over submerged barbed wire (I have already collected a signed medical certificate and had the in juries photographed);

5) Government Office of the South-West regarding your breach of the DDA.

You have an amusingly naive take on "truth", which (if you really want to appear even more ridiculous), my retained legal representative, already on the case since 4.30 this afternoon, will expose. I realise that you are a simple soul of fundamental decency, so I will give you and your club the opportunity to apologise publicly for events on Saturday, remove your preposterous ban and withdraw before it costs you dearly. It may surprise you to know that, as a previous donor to your floodlights (ask Paul Williams), I would be sorry to see the Pies disappear like their rugby counterparts.

You probably know that I am by nature quite generous-hearted, John. A bit of humility from the esteemed representative of the biggest club in Penwith could go a long way. Show a bit of sense. If your pension pot was that good you wouldn't still be chugging round Bolitho at your age. :drink: :c:

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Rodney, I'm breaking my self-imposed ban on further comments because I am happy to make a public and unreserved apology, on behalf of Penzance AFC, for any inconvenience or distress caused to your mother last Saturday. You failed to mention that she was with you until our telephone conversation at approximately 8.45pm on Saturday evening. Had you informed any of our Club members on Saturday afternoon, I'm confident they would have made any necessary arrangements to allow her to watch the game in as much comfort as possible.

As indicated in a letter sent today to the Secretary of St Just, quoting the minute of our Club meeting in March 2008, the ban was only operative for "our next home game against St Just". I might have informed you of that fact on Saturday evening, if the 'phone call had not been hastily terminated by yourself.

I'm sure you will agree, this forum is not the place on which to conduct Club business; I much prefer to go through the right channels - hence my reluctance to post further comments on here.

Incidentally, I finished my part-time "chugging round Bolitho" 4 or 5 years ago - they wanted me to work too many hours!

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Thank you, John, for your apology, however carefully worded, on behalf of the Pies. Yes, I feel suitably punished, not because of lurking in the bushes in my anorak engaging in a sort of Stanislavski method-acting recreation of how it feels to be Trevor Mewton, but because of the daylight robbery of the result. Ah well, our 3-1 win in the corresponding fixture last year was also a tad lucky. I am glad that it is now not necessary for me to sue the arse off you because I like having clubs in the league who stir up a bit of passion, even if the only reason we lost on Saturday was because of that dear old Mousehole boy Craig's great fat unconscious hairy legs when he dived in the wrong direction.

Thrupp and Brimscombe FC versus Frampton Athletic has not quite got me going as much as Penzance and St Just yet and I cannot foresee myself ruining my daughters' inheritance prospects yet to influence the result. Nobody in Gloucestershire football has yet shown the sheer unbridled lunacy of people born within the sound of Gwynvor calling or the wind whistling round Kenidzhek Rocks , or the untutored Schadenfreude of the denizens of Troon being placed in the recovery position in the middle of the A30 after beating Holmans. It's all a bit, well, bourgeois by comparison. I got threatened with ejection from Forest Green last week for just passing the time of day witnh the linesman. What's the matter with these people ? I was only letting off steam. Compared to Wally and Boasie on a bad night, I'm a total ######.

No offence, Jiohn. Trevor doesn't understand St Justers. Just keep him away from there, somebody might kill him accidentally, not meaning any harm. Tap Tap Trevor, we don't hjave woodpeckers up there cos all the trees are horizontal Don't want you to end up that way too, mate, show some sense !

Hope this makes sense. I have been celebrating my OFSTED result since 4 pm. All this college needed was a St Juster for six weeks to turn it round, no problem ! Way'hey !!!! :c::D :D

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Issac what would we do without you? :D

Probably talk about football which I thought was the whole purpose of this website ?

How the C S F admin let's this sort of thing go on is beyond me.

And why a teacher feels that doing his dirty laundry in public is a good thing.....????

I'm a St Just lad now living in Pendeen and find this Rodney Beer fiasco embarrassing.

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Well yeah, you were doing very well without me. In fact I'd retired from this website and from doing anything connected with Cornish football whatsoever except watching a game when I visited occasionally. But I'm not putting up with being told where I can and can't go by Penzance FC. I have not failed to watch the Tinners if I have been inside either the People's republic of St Just or the bordering nation of Cornwall for well over a decade and it's clear, given the provocation suffered last week, that I have to come back out of retirement to stop the lunatics taking over the asylum..

i don't know who the Wild Man of Pendeen is, but he's either not wild enough to survive St Just if he's gone over there or maybe he just wants to live somewhere less exclusive with lower prices. He's probably in a paper bag on top of a mineshaft now and I wish him all the best with it. I've got relatives over North: I s'pect they want to kill me as well. :c::drink: :D

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