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Good to see they still haven't up dated my phone number. I only changed it in December and put it on the form when i registered to ref this season. They've also given up with my e-mail address. Good luck to teams trying to confirm games with me this year :thumbsup:

Oh and the photo at a guess i'd say St Merryn :P

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Despite what the handbook says, Crowntown with Crowan do not play at Culdrose and never have. (Apart from away matches- occasionally).

We still play at Nancegollan and have no plans to move.

I have no idea where the idea came from.

I also wondered which ground it was at. I think it was a great move to put on what is, clearly, a grass roots game on the cover. After all most of the football in the county is at that sort of level. Well done CCFA! (I haven't often said that!)

A clue may be the far goalkeeper. There can't be many leagues insisting on one F.B. in every team.

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