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A cracking Idea ???

Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Taken from The Tony Kempster Forum....

Maybe some clubs might be able to try this. Lots of parents would love to get rid of their kids for a Saturday afternoon. Have 90 mins football coaching 12pm -1.30pm (maybe players, manager could help out on a rota basis), eat packed lunch in clubhouse, then stay "supervised" to watch the game, at £3 a pop, which would pay someone to coach them. At lots of clubs it wouldn't/ couldn't work.... but at a handful it could bring in a bunch of kids who might end up being the fans of the future. It would need a couple of volunteers (although they could get paid a little), a bunch of leaflets to give out to local schools, and (this is the hardest part I fear), the patience of regular supporters when lots of pesky kids are running about the place during the game!!!

I'm sure this goes on. I saw a brilliant example of it at Walsall many years ago that one or two of the kids in my class went to. On occasions the match referee could be talked into arriving a little early to talk to the kids about his job, as did the groundsman... even the local journalist I believe.

Go on Cornish clubs, show the kids there is more to football than sitting in front of a TV with a £40 shirt on.

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