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Combo Prediction League Standings

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Three leaders for the first week.

I will post next weeks matches Wednesday morning.

Good luck

Barbs 14/17

Father Gash 14/17

whuru 14/17

Soccer Follower 13/16

Andrei Kanchelskis 13/17

gaffer 13/17

h-- 13/17

Ron Manager 13/17

Anita 12/17

cornishteddyboy 12/17

jonnie bates 12/17

Lil-Miss-Cornwall 12/17

Mr T 12/17

newbie 12/17

phatsy 12/17

Pitty 12/17

r and i 12/17

riggins74 12/17

The Patriot 12/17

A One And A Six 11/17

COD 11/17

Jamie C 11/17

Jamie Richards 11/17

kempy 11/17

shoot the messenger 11/17

issac rosenberg 10/17

JTW 10/17


Speedy Gonzalis 8/17

Postie Pidge 6/9

joe dirt 3/17

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