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calling all fans who have argued with the member 'midfield'

Guest beckyboo775

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Guest beckyboo775

this is my dad. the 'die-hard' arsenal 'fan'

he's been a liverpool, celtic, villa season ticket holder. he has a draw full of real madrid shirts and only decided on supporting arsenal because i said i wanted to go to the emirates. and this time last season he had a liverpool shirt and an england shirt with gerrard on the back.



i didn't think so :)

HI DAD :yahoo:

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Have'nt you gone to Burnham with him for the day.?

I wonder if he tried the local Scrumpy,he may talk some sense then.


We did go to Burnham - then onto Breen - for the day. Had a good time as well. Off the lager/cider this week - slowing me down too much when I'm playing football! Must be age catching up with me! :lol:

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