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Cornwall Combination League

15th August 2009

Perranwell 9-1 Penzance Reserves

To make the usual excuse of players out due to cricket, holidays and injuries is wrong as all teams this early in the season have the same problems. Perranwell were just too good and have carried on from last season, a goal machine.

They ripped through the Penzance defence as if it wasn’t there at times. They were physically much bigger and stronger than Penzance’s youngsters and will take some stopping in the league this season. Mind you Penzance never gave up and were rewarded with a late goal.

The game is only a couple of minutes old when Perranwell open the scoring. They break right, cross to the back of the box, knock the ball back in for a simple flick in at the near post from Luke Kelland.

Traffic is one way, towards Sam Mumford’s goal. Another cross and flick sees Sam get down to push the ball away to safety. But Perranwell double their lead after 9mins. A long ball from the back, knocked on to Frazer Cadman who one-on-one with the keeper lobs it into the net from the edge of the box.

A couple of more breaks and Perranwell shoot wide and the keeper manages to get down to bravely save point black. Not bad for a lad who has never put on keepers gloves before.

Finally Penzance get their first chance but luck is running against them. A break on the right with Ashley Thomas, a cross pitch ball to Liam Devine at the back of the box a header goalward only to see the ball bounce off the corner of the post and bar with the keeper beaten.

For a few minutes Penzance are pushing forwards and holding Perranwell at bay, when more bad luck. Ryan Andrew on the right is tackled and goes down. Immediately he calls for assistance as he knows he’s broken his arm. Last season he broke his other arm in the second game this time it was his other arm in the first game of the year.

After a few minutes for treatment the game restarts and immediately from the kick-off Perranwell take advantage of Penzance, still reeling from Ryan’s lose. A simple ball forward, Carl Paperone into the box, around the keeper and a tap into an empty net. 3-0 after 33mins on the clock.

Penzance have used their only sub to replace Ryan and now Liam Bennetts gets injured and has to hobble the rest of the match.

With 47mins on the clock, Perranwell get a corner on the right. The ball is knocked in to the near post where Joe Cooper heads it up onto the crossbar and the ball bounces over the line to increase the lead to 4-0.

A quick Penzance break from Max Davis down the right turns the Perranwell defence. He knocks the ball into the box where Thomas fires just wide.

Perranwell finish the half with another goal to make it 5-0. Once again they break right, cross into the box to Paperone who fires in with a rising shot from 6yds out. 51mins on the clock.


The second half starts as the first finished with Penzance defending the through ball. Perranwell are playing the direct approach.

Penzance start to try to pass the ball around, some thing they didn’t do during the first period opting for the long ball which just gave it back to Perranwell.

The half is 11mins old when a through ball to Andy Hill sees him knock the ball into the net with the help of a deflection to put Perranwell 6-0 up.

4mins later a route one ball to Paperone, goalkeeper to midfield to forward splits the Magpies defence. Rising shot from 10yds increase the lead to 7-0.

Penzance get a break in as well. A cross pitch ball from the right finds Jimmy England who hurries his shot a puts the ball just wide of the upright.

Back come Perranwell with another goal. Another through ball for Hill to score his second, rounding the keeper to tap in. 66mins gone 8-0.

Then Penzance have a good shout for a penalty. Devine is clearly shoved in the back when challenging but the ref waves away the appeal. Liam gets up, says something and is promptly booked for dissent. Even the Perran supporters said Penzance should have had a spot kick.

10mins to go and Penzance get a deserved goal through Max Davis. They break right, the ball is lobbed over the defence and Davis fires in from 10yds with a rising shot. 8-1 after 81mims played.

Perranwell still have time to once again score. A minute before the end a speculative long range Paperone shot bounces in front of the keeper and squirms into the net. Paperone’s 4th and Perranwell’s 9th.

Penzance – Sam Mumford, Mike Burt, Ryan Andrew, Ashley Thomas, Liam Bennetts, Ryan Holland, Jimmy England, Charlie Penny, Andy Mead, Max Davis, Liam Devine

Sub – Tom Withecombe (Andrew 32min)

Corners – Perranwell 2-2 Penzance (1-2 1st half)

Crowd – 46 (7 from Pz)

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