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Bentley charged with DD


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Harry Redknapp don't seem to have taken to Bentley,He deals with him day in,day out.So he know's more than me.

Personally i think he's overated,And he seem's to think he's some player :wacko:

:wacko::wacko::wacko: deluded!!!

But he has said it's a big wake-up call personally and professionally,Watch this space...........

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I see your manager has admitted he does see most incidents,but prefer to say,I COULDNT SEE NOTHING.

Another dirty lying cheating f---ing scumbag.

Thats not very friendly :P His only doing what most managers do or say :D

That semi final got me banned from watching football while playing darts :unsure:

Im looking forward to the Spurs/Arsenal games this season. Just hope its stays as banter on this site not s**ging off of each other :drink:

Have a good season SS :smiley20:

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Guest beckyboo775

Have a good season SS :smiley20:

Frankly, I hope he has a crap one.

This proves S*&%s and Redknob deal with s*&t....


but dad you liked harry redknapp not that long ago... :thumbsup:

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