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(Taken from Sky Sports dot com)

Australia international Lucas Neill is ready to decide where he will be playing football next season.

Neill is currently a free agent and looking for a new contract after his deal with West Ham expired over the summer.

The 31-year-old, who has been linked with Sunderland and Manchester City, has confirmed West Ham have an offer on the table and that he remains open to a swift return to Upton Park.

However, Neill is refusing to confirm where he will end up, stating only that he is looking forward to resolving his future.

Neill has offers from outside of England, although he leaning against having to settle in a new environment and tackle a new language.

Frustrating, but interesting

"It's been interesting, it's been a little frustrating as well, but at the same time exciting," Neill told Fox Sports.

"There's a number of clubs who have shown an interest and my agents have been talking to them.

"But I think we're down to the shortlist and I just want to get amongst it now and join a team and focus on the season ahead.

"There's an offer [from West Ham]. And it's an offer that's on the shortlist, it's being considered. I'm very loyal to West Ham.

"We are talking to two clubs outside of England. That's been the hardest one because it's a language barrier, it's a change of what I've been used to for 14 years.

"So that decision takes a lot of courage to do but that's why I've taken my time because it's not something I take lightly."

Now the bit in bold which states im very loyal to West Ham is a disgrace as far as i am concerned, How the fcuk can he be loyal then talk to other clubs?

I agree that he has the right if he is out of contract but he was offered a new contract ages ago and turned it down ffs, Surely if he was genuine and loyal to West Ham then he would have signed by now but all he is doing is waiting for the right MONEY

Good player but please go to another club because your a fcuking disgrace :angry::angry::angry:

Rant over im now off for a nice cup of bertie mee

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he could have signed for Liverpool before he signed for West Ham! but West Ham was a better career move for him apparantly!!! nothing to do with the fact that West Ham offered him £65,000 a week and Liverpool only offered £33,000 or something!!

complete ******* arsehole, and actually isn't that good!

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Guest geachy1

a professional footballers career is probly around 12 years long so they will want to earn better money while they can.

i know that if some 1 offerd me an extra 100 pound a week at another job i would leave .

unless he supports the club i doubt he would have loyalties to west ham.

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I dont see a problem with players goin to clubs that pay them much more then others, even if they are less likely to win things or play in Europe. I know if i was offered double my current pay i would take it in a instant!

Having said that is there really that much difference to being paid £35,000 a week or £70,000 a week, your still loaded!!! Anyway ive contradiced myself enough, onto my next point!

Its when these very same players talk about loyalty and do things like kiss the badge, then leave several months later that i think is disprespectful to fans.

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geachy1 & A One And A Six both of you have had your share of clubs so that is the exact answer i would expect form you both :D (Just kidding lads)

A One And A Six, You hit the nail on the head about the loyalty bit which was what i said in my origional post and thats what i hate about the bloke, I have had to read the captains thoughts every week on the teams website and he spoke about loyalty and how he loves the fans which as we all know is a load of tosh

I also said i dont have a problem with him talking to other clubs but West Ham offered him a decent contract to stay and after all he had said throughout the season he did this which i just think is out of order

Still it is only my thoughts

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