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Wadebridge Town for the drop!!!!!!!

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Anyone watch wadebrdge at the wkd? i was there and it was the worst performance ive seen for many a season! have they got the right man in charge is the first question? what has happened to the team they had when they won the league 2yrs ago to hit the top flight? that side from what i saw would av finished in the top 8 with out a problem! get them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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hmmm..... you're invovled with Bodmin Town 2nds...you know to use a name that not many people called me, except you....I wonder if you used to play for WTFC in that team that won the West Division....I wonder if you couldn't then commit to playing in the Prem as you struggle with the travelling due to work commitments... you can only be one person, or know that person very well.

Mate stick to worrying about BTFC 2nds and stop being silly about WTFC else Blackie will chin you! :thumbsup: :smiley20:

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