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It is not often I agree with a spuds fan but I do agree with somersetspur on this one as we have not even qualified yet

Ok no harm in talking about it I guess but counting eggs before they have hatched well that is a different story

Although England have almost qualified nothing is guaranteed until it is 100% and a little example of that I saw at a 5 a side competition where one fairly strong side met a very unfancied and much weaker side in a quarter final and guess what happened next, The stronger of the two sides were happy with the draw and saying how they would now reach the semi-final stage until they lost to the much unfancied underdogs 1-0

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

For the sake of every Cornish football clubhouse, I hope England give us a bumber summer of takings behind the bar, should set some clubs up nicely for 2010/11.

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When will you lot learn? We don't have the players. 5 or 6 decent ones, yes but not the 13 -15 required to win the thing. Mind you, the weather might suit us a bit better this time.

Last 8 or maybe last 4 if the draw is kind

Keep practicing the pens.

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