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who else is bored of the arsenal/spurs debate

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Whistle blower you got it wrong.

Us Yids dont go on about NAYIM,we go on about GAZZA,BENTLEY,BELLETTI,LENNON.5-1,5-1 5-1,WHEN WE

DICKED,and won a Trophy you muppett.


Jesus, you do go on about this s*&t all the time, don't you? Haven't you got anything better to say? I could remind you that you haven't won the one that really counts since 1961, but I won't. Even though we have won it 6 times since then.

Back up your pole, cider boy! (Thanks for that one, Isaac!) :thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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who's won more European trohpies u mug!

u absolute fool

Yeah but back in the day when your boys won the UEFA Cup/Cup Winners Cup all you had to do was beat a few East German and Hungarian teams (oh, and Wolves!) and you were in the final.

Anyway there is only one European competition that counts and thats the European Cup/Champions League and Arsenal and Spurs are both on the same amount of wins in that one!

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I think you'll find, A One And A Six, that those lesser competitions you speak of we've played Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool, AC Milan and Benfica. Hardly small East European teams. Get the facts right before you start spouting off! I see the whistleblower has gone quiet now his massive error has been highlighted, i'll spell it out for him 3-2 European trophies. COYS

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