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What is it with so many pre-season friendlies getting axed?

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There seems to have been an exceptionally high number of pre-season games getting cancelled or re-arranged this season, so I just wondered what could go so badly wrong that an entire match needs to be cancelled.

PS this is NOT a jab at anyone, just a question from a curious mind.

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I think it could be a combination of things. For example Wendron called games off because they had so many injuries and were short of players anyway. I notice there are a few games advertised tonight as off. this is because of waterlogged pitches especially at junior level perhaps as pitches aint as good. Also a few clubs have called games off as they anticpated their pitches getting cut up because off bad weather. even thoe the game may have been playable at the beginning. is it worth cutting it up bad for a pre season game? Not every club is fortunate enough to have a good drainage pitch like st blazey or like penryn.

so overall the main reasons would include- injuries, protect the pitches, waterlogged pitches- lets face it we have alot of rain.

it is frustrating when a game is called off. I do think good notice should be given or pre warning that the game might be off. communication is the key here rather thatn mucking other clubs about. this is just my opinion.

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Itis a tricky one,This weekend just gone,We at Rosudgeon Res had a game against Illogen.We found out in mid-week the pitch was'nt going to be ready,After a lot of hard work,Ringing as many clubs as i could think of,And it was quite a-few,We got nowhere.Luckily we ended up playing the game on the Astro-pitch.Not ideal but it's all about getting the game on.

This is not a personal dig at anyone just my opinion :c:

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