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My father-in-law & I had the pleasure of attending 2 matches over the past few weeks during our annual holiday.

Thanks to everyone we met for their gentle banter particularly the barman for keeping us topped up.Real friendly club & most welcoming.

All the best for the season & will definitely be back there next pre-season

PS can you get a barrel of Guinness on :D

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glad you had a good time mate. enjoyed you'r company. let us know when you'r down next, you can both stay on for after game drinks. allways room for a tent at Hayle, for our friends :c:

Thanks for the invite.I will not be down until late July 2010 due to distance....8 hour drive towing caravan but will definitely be back & will take advantage of the offer for after match drinks. Not forgetting the pre-match & during match of course:drink:

Will pass message onto father-in-law who will be down again in September

Thanks & once again best of luck

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I would like to thank Hayle and Shaun for their care and attention after I was injured after a clash of heads saturday,

I was patched up in the home training room by the paramedic who drove all the way from truro to glue my head back together.

The set up is looking really impressive now!

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