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Kolo Toure

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After hearing Arsene Wenger say he has all these centre-backs,Is he including William'looney tune'Gallas and Mikel'no knee's'Silvestre???

If so has he let the right one go?

I'm not so sure ,Also could be a decent buy for City,Any thought's? :blink:

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I must say that seem's to be the common opinion,Wenger must have something up his sleeve,surely? :blink:

Either that or he's planning a xmas exit to Real Madrid? He's alway's saying he won't walk away from Arsenal,Maybe he's looking to be pushed??? :glare:

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Yes, I believe a loss to Arsenal. But he had tried (hinted) at leaving before, and therefore, if your heart is not in it.....

He will do well at City as a player, but is the City team going to perform?

And £16M, not bad, especially when you consider Barry was £12M, a better player in my opinion.

And doesn't the transfer deadline end on 31 August? A looong way to go. I'm not getting too excited about it yet. I think it's all a bit crap the way that some clubs are able to buy virtually who they want, and others are left to fight over what is left.

I also think it is funny when they say "signed on a 5 year deal and so on". As if contracts mean anything in football these days.

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toure will be a big loss for arsenal, their best defender by far over the last couple of seasons, but like ronlado, if a player wants to go theres nothing the club can do about it except get the best deal possible, 16m is a decent amount for a centre half, you can bet wenger will buy some french defender for about half that and bank the rest

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