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Newquay AFC's Duchy League Side?

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Have I missed something or am I having a senile moment?

In today's Newquay Voice (01/07/09) an advert was placed asking for players aged 16+ to play in Newquay Football Clubs Duchy League side for the coming season.

Can anyone clarify this as I'm sure Newquay Football Club haven't had an application to the Duchy League approved at it's recent AGM - it's not listed as one of the new sides. Not sure why the club would advertise for players for a team under 'Duchy League team' that isn't in the league...



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Newquay Town 3rds = St Columb Minor. The manager is Leon Hyde as far as I am aware.

I believe they will be wearing a Newquay kit this season although this would need to be confirmed

Also from what I have heard so far they dont have much of a team at the moment, i.e. numbers or quality of players - thats not having a swipe it's just the word on the street at the moment, I believe that they are supposed to be the next step for the Newquay youth players who have come through the ranks to offer them a route into mens football if they aren'y quite ready to make the step up to the SWPL or Combo teams.

Having just spoke to Andy Bicknell I have ammended the last piece of the original post as I didn't want to upset any of the youth set up by speculating were some of their players may end up.

Good luck to them I haven't checked who we may possibly face in later rounds of the Duchy Cup but our paths could yet cross

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