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Guest harty

I have been told off a very reliable source that the FHFL/Mining League have agreed the rules of the new competition, knock-out cups and trophies. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Good times ahead. :c:

Is that going to be for this season or in the near future?

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hopefully it will stop players signing for different clubs, and in turn lead to clubs not having to call games off because they can't raise a side, due to players playing for other teams in a different league.(phew) last season I officiated for 3 different clubs in the space of 2 weeks, who all played the same player. It should also make junior football a lot stronger and give senior sides something to think about.

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not to keen on this merger, wont this just mean much more miles to travel

It could actually cut down on travelling, if they had something as follows

5 divisions

div 1 - 2 promoted to combo - 3 relegated

div 2 - 3 promoted to div 1 - 4 relegated

div 3 west - 1 promoted

div 3 south - 1 promoted

div 3 east - 1 promoted

+ highest div 3 runner up points scorer

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why must people always be negative towards something new.surely when the leagues merge it will lead to a stronger standard of football in whatever league your team plays.i know this will take a few seasons to settle down but it can only lead to an improved standard of junior football in west cornwall.this will surely put more pressure on the combo league and enforce relegation of weaker teams in senior football.

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