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1. Why didn't Perranporth AFC as a senior team put in a notice of withdrawal from the Duchy League?

2. Why didn't the Perranporth AFC representative at the Duchy League AGM announce their intentions of applying to another league?

3. Can a Duchy League official actually confirm that a representative from Perranporth AFC was at the AGM as there comments on a previous forum asking what happened at that meeting perhaps suggests no one was there?

3. Perranporth AFC showed a complete lack of respect for the current members of the Duchy League.

4. The Perranporth AFC secretary and committee members of a senior club should be embarrassed by their complete and utter failure to follow the rules correctly, especially as the Duchy League allowed them to join in the first place when no other league would.

5. It's a pity the fine isn't £1000.....................................

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I believe perranporth 3rds or res which ever team it is plays at goonhavern old pitch not the main one but the one opposite the cricket pitch ... not sure but i do believe thats where they play... as for lack of respect it seems 2 b all over football atm..

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They won't be playing on Goonhavern's 2nd pitch as they sold that a few months back to a bloke that now lives on it in a caravan!

I believe that they are preparing a pitch for the 3rd team on the other side of Perranporth to the club, at the top of St Georges Hill near the airfield - will be a bit windy up there!

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