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Saltash Saltmill 3G 7 a side football competition

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On Saturday 4th July, there will be a 7 a side football tournament on the 3G astro pitch in Saltash.

the programme will have 10 teams (2x5 team leagues) with the top 2 teams form each league going into a semi final and final.

all winners and runners up will receive a little trophy for your bedroom!

the first game kicks off about 11.15 with teams wanting to get there at about 10:45 for a briefing and enough time to figure out the plan of the day. the final should be played by about 5ish with a little presentation afterwards.

we will have little bits of food and drink to sell down there but please feel free to bring your own as we may not have enough for everyone!!

the cost is £50 per squad, with a maximum of 12 players per squad. (only 10 can be used per game 7 + 3 subs)...so if you bring 10 of you its a 5er each for a good fun day of 7 a side and perhaps that highly coveted trophy!

2 teams have already regsitered a team: st stephens borough and saltash 2nds have shown an interest.

( you dont have to be a registered team as such, just some mates if you want)

if you are interested we need 8 more teams, and im sure that the spaces will be filled quickly!!

post on here if you want in, also i will be setting up a group on facebook...just search "saltmill 7 a side tournament"


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its not FA snactioned but its not under a club name, its technically being run through the groundworks name as a community tournament, thats why you dont have to be club teams who enter it.

the facebook group will hopefully be up tonight (friday) if i have time, or at the very latest saturday afternoon. i will post my number etc on that group


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Where do you stand on insurance? What if someone was to get badly injured? If it is not FA sanctioned there is nothing to stop horendous tackles. Get a red card, so what. It goes no further. I know it isn't likely to happen but with local rivalries. It doesn't really matter to me, as I said before, I won't playing.

Good luck with the comp, hope it all goes well.

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