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Booters 5aside cup comp

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Alright guys there will be a 5 aside cup competition this year on july 12th at clijah croft fields.

Registration for teams will be at 9.30am

£15 per team, just turn up on the day.

BBQ and drinks available.

We hope to have 4 pitches and a few teams as well as we did last year if those can remember.

Trophies and prizes will be awarded.

Any more quieres either write on forum our ring Steve 07843155727 or kyle 07773020752

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Clijah Croft is at the end of redruth near lanner.

Follow main road going to falmouth and lanner when in redruth and just before you get to a round about at top of the hill its on your right next to the "welcome to redruth" Sign board cant miss it... silly if you do.

Also were redruth unt, four lanes and portreath play.

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Glad you boys are turning up had no way of getting hold of u.

Take it both the selly boys are turning up

c u there

Haha thanks mate, na unfortunately Shane won't be. He's in the U-S of A being a good samaritan. Pressy is on holiday as well he plays for us sometimes. Gonna try and get some players though can't let the tradition down :lol:

cya there

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:drink: Looking to be a good turnout thus far the competition will be on wet,wind or sunshine.

We also will be having 4 pitches set up for the event am looking forward to seeing you all there thanks for your support.

Any body else fancy joining jus turn up on the day.

Also give me a shout on what beer to give the winners and runners up you never know what people like after a good day. :drink:

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Rite lads,

The competition is this weekend playing in wet wind or sunshine.

We should be avin a few teams so make sure you all turn up on time if u can.

We are looking forward to kicking everything off this sunday and hope to c u there.

Trevenson won it last year and want to claim their title back anyone wanna take it off them?


Booters FC

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Rosudgeon FC,We came,We played,We conquered!!!!

Great day,After losing the first game in the group against Waffle,We beat Plume,Came back from 2.0 down to draw 2.2 in the last game.

Beat Booters on pens in quarters,Got revenge on Waffle on pens in the semi,Beat Wendron 1st's in the final 1.0.

Would just like to thanks to all involved,Great stuff.

Congratulations to all the boy's today,We got stronger as the day went on and you all really deserved it .

:yahoo::yahoo: :yahoo:

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Cheers lads for turning up what a great turn out it ended up being.

Congrats to resudogen fc!!!! :D:yahoo:

We will be defo doing it next year and hope you all turn up again and as for the photos they are on face book under steve francis page but will be able to send them via email in next couple of days. Give me ur address and will send them asap.

We ended up raising £475 thank you very much for your participation.

Thank you



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