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Tonight, 17th June, is the Combination League meeting followed by the A.G.M.

Before the AGM, last season must be sorted out with a League Committee Meeting.

There are 2 teams who towards the end of the year played ineligible players. If the league deal with these teams with a fine and deduction of points the table will alter, but I can not tell you yet until the punishment is pronounced.

Other teams will also be fined for league infringements.

During the AGM the league will vote on Troon's acceptance, or not, into the league.

There is also a rule alteration to be voted on.

I will keep you informed.

With regards to the website.

I am slowly transferring last years scores onto the archive part of the site plus I've got my lad making me a new seasonal Welcome page. Anything more starts becoming too complicated for me!

I will keep the info I record roughly the same as last year: results, scorers and attendances. I will do as last year, having a page for each team with results, but I will also put down who scored what in each game as well as producing each teams goal scoring list. You will then be able to see who scored how many goals and against who.

The leagues fixture list will not be out until late July but when I can grab a copy I will update the site.

What I have noticed this close season is a lot of managerial movement so I will need to update the general info pages about each team.

Also if anyone wants to send me a photo of your team plus names I will put them on the info sheet.

I will update the site for next season once news starts coming in to me and last season is finally put to bed.

Towards the end of July I will be asking for team/club details and begging for a contact for each club to help keep the website up to date.


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