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Opening day fixtures

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Opening day fixtures

Saturday, 15 August 2009:-

Aston Villa v Wigan

Blackburn v Man City

Bolton v Sunderland

Chelsea v Hull

Everton v Arsenal

Man Utd v Birmingham

Portsmouth v Fulham

Stoke v Burnley

Tottenham v Liverpool

Wolverhampton v West Ham

Few 'easy' games there, Man u and Chelsea should get a easy 3 points each :D

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Just like the rest of the top 4 last year? Oh no i'm mistaken not one of them managed a win there last season and mustered a measly 1 goal between them! Let me remind you:

Spurs 2-1 Liverpool

Spurs 0-0 Man Utd

Spurs 0-0 Arse

Spurs 1-0 Chelsea.

How'd you like them apples!

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I wouldnt be so sure of Man Utd having an easy 3 points against Birmingham.

Promoted teams always start the season really fired up and will have a point to prove

In previous years

Hull beat Fulham 2-1

Reading beat Boro' 3-2

Wigan lost 2-1 to chelsea - last minute winner

also without Ronaldo and no replacement as yet Utd won't be the team they were!!!!!

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Reading a story on Tony Kempster site regarding fixtures.

Reference=Tony Kempster-Message board-Non League Football General-(Topic) 'Data Co. and the fixture list'.

A Watford fan base forum has been warned and blocked for publishing fixtures by Football Data Co.Ltd.

Football Data Co.Ltd. are the appointed Licensee for F.A.Premier,Football League ,Scottish Premier and Scottish Football league' s fixtures and to show these fixtures in any form must require a licence from the press association.

Looking at the correspondence from both sides it seemed very genuine.

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