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Attendances: How do they compare?

Guest harry west

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Guest harry west

I was interested to see that the Cornwall Combination head count showed an average attendance of about 36 per game last season. Is the Combo going to continue with the count next season? Will the East Cornwall Premier League be doing a head count next season?

The Combination's figures were higher than those for one of the Step 6 divisions - the Midland Combination Prem Div (ave. 35) and not far behind four other Step 6 divisions:

Combined Counties Div.1 (ave 41)

Spartan South Mids Div.1 (ave 41)

United Counties Div.1 (ave 42)

Wessex Div.1 (ave 42)

Figures for other West Country divisions were:

Step 5

Western Prem (ave 84)

Step 6

South West Peninsula Prem (ave 96)

Western Div.1 (ave 65)

Step 7

South West Peninsula Div.1 West (ave 71)

South West Peninsula Div.1 East (ave 68)

Gloucestershire County (ave 44)

I hope that this may be of some interest!

Harry West

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