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Crowntown Pre - season Training

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Crowntown with Crowan Football Club (West Cornwall Sunday League Div 2) will not commence pre-season training on Sunday 5th July.

The weekly schedule will be as follows;

Sunday 10 am to 12.30 pm Circuit Training

Monday 6pm to 7.30 pm - Endurance training, Hill running

Tuesday 6 -8 pm Ball skills and passing, tictacal awareness

Wednesday 6pm to 8.30 Circuit Training and small sided games

Thursday 6pm to 8.30 Rest session in classroom on dietry and lifestyle choices.

Friday 6 pm to 8.30 Endurance training beach, sand and dune running.

Saturday 1pm to 5.30 Small-side games with pre-season friendlies against Premiership and Championship sides TBA.

As we are an ambitious club, all players must realise how important these sessions are. All players will take part unless they have a note from their mum.

Fines for non-attendance will equal one week's wages - so a fortnight's holiday could cost six month's wages. (A note from mum will get you let off the fine)

This is a fresh approach for this club as, until this was suggested, no one can remember ever the club doing any training at all.

In addition to the above schedule, all players will be expected to complete a programme of community service. This club's players provide exceptional role models for youngsters. (Those players already doing Community Service by order of a court are exempt from this.)

Any problems with this, please contact Jody "ironman" Marles immediately.

If players can't make the sessions we'll all meet up for the first game on Sunday September 6th.

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Fantastic! Unbelievable start to a demanding, rigourous training regime that few professional clubs could aspire to.

Well done lads!

100% on the register for Sunday's first session!

I would have been quite happy with 40% the first week.

Just to repeat the amazing statistic, 100% of our players failed to register for yesterday's session.

If anyone's turning up tonight, can you let me know as I'm planning on going down the pub instead.

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I am so delighted with the turnout for the pre-season sessions at Crowntown.

The response has been better than expected.

So far not one player has turned up and so we don't have to prepare any activities or switch on the power at the changing rooms.


Keep up the efforts.

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Guest Benji8

Reassuringly, everyone who has turned up for Crowntown's pre-season training schedule has coped well.

In, fact the players are so fit that, despite the gruelling routines, not one player has raised sweat.

I think it's all down to your training techniques Bill, you'll be pouched by a bigger club soon I'm sure.


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