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Guest Jezza

United look set to receive £160m from the sale of Ronaldo and their new shirt sponsorship, they could:-

a ) waste it on trying to buy a 2nd rate replacement for Ronny. (Valencia, do me a favour!)

b ) buy Newcastle as a feeder club....

c ) pay back some of our mounting £700m+ Debt that the Yanks have kindly landed us with!

but Utd are not alone,

Liverpool £400m

Arsenal £400m

Chelsea £700m (albeit to Roman and so not accumulating interest, but a loan none the less!)

According to the experts Liverpool are most vulnerable with Utd's 'Brand' worldwide likely to keep them afloat surely any club that owes three times it's annual turnover can't be considered safe?

and in the case of Liverpool and United the kicker is they were debt free prior to some B***ard Yanks taking out a huge loan (against the club!?) to buy them, how the hell is that legal? :SM_carton:

Finance expert on BBC newsnight said that both clubs if needs be could be put into receivership by the Yanks and then they walk away debt free to concentrate on their other businesses leaving the 'Club' to service the debt........

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The clubs do have big debts but their annual turnovers are all over £200 million a year. When you look at this figure the clubs can easily whipe out their debts within a few seasons. Arsenal's wages to turnover ratio is just 45% and they are making a profit every season. Although the clubs are in debts the owners are all billionaires but take out loans on the clubs because they can. It would be like us taking out a loan for a couple of hundred. With the size of thier grounds I think Arsenal and Manchester United will always make enough money to pay of thier debts. Chealsea and Liverpool are the teams who would struggle most if their money men take off.

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