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St Stephens Borough - Managers Appointed

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From the website:

Following the club meeting on Tuesday, the committee announced that the new manager team for next season would be Manager Phil Bennett and Assistant Manager John Busher. Nathan Holliday and Stuart Fort have been appointed to assist the Managers with the Training and coaching.

The club are delighted that they have accepted their new roles within the club.

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How come Phil Bennett told another candidate to apply for the job and his chances were good and then go for the job himself ???????????????

Hasnt Bennett been out of the game for too long ............

I think Mr Chenery needs to get his own house in order before quoting other clubs and individuals !!! :clapper:

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As I am no longer involved with Borough I have had no involvement in the selection process nor have I a house to put in order. I was merely placing the information on this website.

In terms of my commenting on other clubs, surely that is what this forum is for? I assume this was a reference to the comment I added on the thread in relation to the Saltash Utd res job. All I did was place a quote from the Cornish TImes that was already in the public domain.

I must confess as an interested bystander that I have concerns over the appointment and, if certain rumours are true, the way it happened. However, as I said, I had no involvement in the selection process and leave any comments on that to a club official.

As some-one who had a long involvement with Borough I will simply follow their fortunes with interest and wish them all the best.

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I was told from a good source, through my club, that the 'Pethicks' were never quoted saying that they had commited themselves to the St Dominick job. It sounds like this Mr Chenery is obviously dissapointed that Saltash 2nd team will rob St Stephens Borough of there better players but who can rob them of that oppurtunity of not only playing at a better standard but also playing on 'football pitch'!

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Gaffa P - I suggest you but last weeks Cornish Time of PM your address and I'll gladly send you a copy.

My quote on the Saltash United res thread was word for word what was in the Cornish Times.

According to that paper Chris Pethick pledged his allegiance to St Dominick - the papers words not mine.

Perhaps the ECPL correspondent for the Cornish Times can comment on the accuracy of his article?

No doubt Borough will lose the odd player to Saltash but there will be no mass exodus.

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