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Onesport in Tony Pryce Sports

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Onesport are proud to announce that their Goalkeeping Gloves are now in stock in all 10 Tony Pryce Sports stores.

This is a massive step forward Onesport and myself personally after years of hard work!!

Onesport is now officially a brand, a Cornish and proud brand!!

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Just got back from town and they do look good up against the good range Tony Pryce have. Also very comfy. Tried Stevo's and Ricey's in training and warm ups for matches last year are they're not bad for the money.

Keep going mate, got a good brand there. :clapper:

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gloves looked spot on - popped in to tony pryce on sat to have a look , great place as well right at top of stairs !! coundnt miss em !! - i tried to try them on ............but kept dropping them !! nothing new there !! lol

may treat the kit bag to a pair nxt week :P

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Went to have a look at these today and I have to say they look and feel top class. In my opinion better quality and design than the branded gloves that were for sale at double the amount.

Just recommended them to my lad whose a g.k. He thinks I should buy him a pair to try!!


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