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How many teams will be in Duchy Prem??


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Just a quick question to put out there for some feedback.............

The Duchy Premier League are losing St Dennis & Edgcumbe to the East Cornwall set up next season.

So if 2 teams are coming up, St Cleer & Saltash to replace the 2 teams going down, Launceston & Altarnun, then who else will make up the numbers???

The League is already short on numbers to be fair with only 12 teams, so with my maths they are now minus a further 2 teams and surely couldn't run on a league of 10 next season!!!

No teams are being relegated from East Cornwall Div.1 to make up the difference so what will happen??

Will 4 come up from Duchy Div 1, or will Launceston & Altarnun get a very lucky escape from relegation??

Your thoughts please.................


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I attended last years duchy league meeting and as far as I remember; the Premier division was allocated twelve teams by intention, not by any shortage. I would assume the same will happen againfor next season. Unless the league decides on a different format.

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