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Just looking at a fuzzy team picture of Falmouth Town SWL veterans in todays 'Indy'page 38

Can someone (I have tried Pidge but your in box is full) fill in the gaps?

Back row ....,Darren Burchell, .....is it Rusty?, ....., ....., Paddy Scrace,Tommy Matthews,Justin Ashburn,....,

Front row-... .... Dodger Long,John Dent,Nigel Thwaites, ....., Kevin Burleigh,....., Neil Phillips.

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Mike, i,ll have a look when i see an indy mate.i think denty said me,george and steve rogers were the only ones not there this year,so shappy,hopey,timmy and jerry collins should be in it along with the names you,ve mentioned already mate.will pm you Mike x

PS)Mike, Tommy will probably tell you if he see,s this post mate?! :thumbsup:

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Hi Mike,

Jimmy Dent, Gary Wignall, Mark Hope, Steve McMechan, Phil Shapcott, Jerry Collins, Timmy Allen, Garry Harrison and Ronnie Barr were all there.

I don't know what order they were in as I haven't seen the photo but I'm sure you'll be able to sort them out now you know a few names. Rappo has given you the rest.

We're all looking older now mate!!


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Had a call from Neil Phillips today and for those interested here is the lineup

Back L/R

Ronnie Barr;Darren Burchell;Gary Harrison;Jimmy Dent;Timmy Allen;Paddy Scrace;Tommy Matthews;Mark Hope;Gary Wignall:

Front L/R

Matt ;Jerry Collins;'Dodger'Long;John Dent;Nigel Thwaites;Steve McMeechan;Kevin Burleigh;Phil Shapcott; Neil Phillips.

Thanks Neil

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