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Guest geachy1

it does show in falmouth packet table that albion are 3rd from bottom and st day above ,

wouldnt you have been informed by the league ? so that u could appeal or sumit?

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Guest mikey catterall

its a weird one ive been following the f/h 1 relegation battle and thought falmouth albion were safe according to peoples quotes stithians helston and st day were relegated it must be hard to hear the new rumours that falmouth albion are relegated it looks like st day got a bit of luck with there first team getting a new and strong manageing staff and i bet there reserves will get some players droping down from the firsts next season

chin up bungle it might just be rumours u should still go to ur presentation its been a long season :thumbsup:

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Shifty, the info on the St-Day website about what has happened was relayed to me very late on Tuesday night by the 2nd team manager, I then called the clubs fixture secretary on Wednesday morning to confirm what was said before I placed anything on the site. Everyone at St-Day is as confused, as I'm sure the players and management of Falmouth Albion are as to what has happened with the points being moved around.

Kev Roberts

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