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Wendron Pre-Season?

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Penzance and St Blazey are lined up to be amongst the 1st team pre season friendlies

Pre season starts end of june will text you to confirm

The backroom situation is being sorted_ (Marcus please ring me 07974 237431)

several new faces lined upto join us

looking quite good for next year

ring me for the latest news

Steve W

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Really disappointed to hear that Wendron FC have decided to remove "Mr.Wendron" Peter Thorne from their club.This guy has been there from the start,been instumental in helping the club to where it is now and has done most of the positions within the club as well as allowing the club to have at least two pitches on his fields at Rame.

Peter's ousting has,i hear,caused problems within the club with at least one other football manager resigning.

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Hi Soccer Follower

Peter has not / wasnot ousted fromWendron Football club.

Peter resigned from the football club just over a week ago and as you quite rightly say he has been instrumental in its growth and success ever since.

He is continuing his membership on the full Wendron CC club committee so his contact with the football side of the club is inevitable.

The reasons behind the resignation are not fully known - and even if they were this forum would not be the place to discuss them.

The clubs debt to Peter cannot be underestimatedand he is /and will be missed by all.

However I do believe that it may be a sabbatical with a return not to be ruled out in the not too distant future.

There are no problems within the club and are currently busy making preparations for the new season please note we will still have access to the Rame pitches (courtesy of Peter Thorne)

So if, as the very unkind and mischevious rumour says, "Peter Thorne Ousted" was true - why would Peter still make the pitches at Rame available

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