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West Cornwall Sunday League in Crisis

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At the moment, there is a major crisis as far as officials are concerned for the West Cornwall Sunday Football League.

Dave James, the Secretary, has, understandably, had enough of the one or two ignorant, abusive and unhelpful individuals who seem to think that anyone concerned with football administration is fair game for abuse.

If you're one of those who may have contributed to that, may you be ashamed of yourself.

The treasurer, has unfortunately, had to move up country and our really supportive results man is pretty well tied up running one of the large local clubs, and so would struggle to continue to provide the same support in the future.

That means that the league is, as we speak, left with a Chairman and an Assistant Secretary on the "top table".

That just won't happen.

Each year, we ask for volunteers to step forward to help run the league and there is a clamour as everyone in the room takes a pace backwards, leaving the same three or four to shoulder responsibility.

In the next few days I'll be ringing each and every Sunday League Club asking "not what the league can do for them, but what they can do for the league." (To paraphrase JFK.)

If there's no positive response, then the League is in real trouble.

It is a successful League and is very enjoyable to play in and, even, administer. It'll be a great shame if it fails because we can't find two or three people who are prepared to put in a little time to the game that they love.

We need, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Results man, a Registration Secretary. We can't make that lot out the two Officials we have are left with!

And, above all, the League needs a change in mindset of clubs and players so that they start to realise that the League functions for their benefit, and can only be successful if they support it properly. Football, historically, has tolerated, even encouraged poor administration, cheating "if you can get away with it" and a lack of respect for any officials. (The "Respect" campaign oozes irony!) At grass-roots level, this is unbelieveably STUPID.

PM or phone if you can help.

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May I say that, as a pleasant surprise, there has been a great response to the request for some help with the administration of the Sunday League.

At last we may be able to have a League where the work and responsibility is shared properly, rather than two or three picking up all the problems.

Many thanks to those that have, already contacted me. Any further offers will be gratefully received - there's loads to be done and there is a reall opportunity for you to get involved with football admin at grass roots level.

The crisis would seem to be over.

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